Hi, my name is Jennifer and I'm a first time mom! I found out that my daughter Kadence had a heart defect when I was about 3 to 4 months pregnant (fetal echocardiogram). She was diagnosed with TOF (Tetralogy of Fallot). Of course as a mother-to-be, I was devastated and both feelings and questions start to pop through my head. Wondering if I have done something wrong. But I had faith that everything would be fine. When Kadence was born (May 13,2015) full term  (6lbs 12oz), even though she had the heart defect, my baby girl was healthy and had no other complications. As time pass by day after day, it was time for my daughter to have open heart surgery; when she was 2 months. Very nerve wrecking but I had to be strong for her and she pulled through just fine! I was there by her side everyday for 3 days. Thank God there is a possibility that she may not need another surgery, but she will be monitored for the rest of her life by her cardiologist. Now, my baby girl is 7 months & growing/developing so well, and she's very active, I must say that my daughter is a warrior and her scar tells it all! I'm a proud mother and a warrior as well for overcoming this obstacle. It's never easy but everything will work out! I hope Kadence story touches other soon-to-be moms that are facing a similar situation.

Thank you for letting me share Kadence story.

Jennifer C.