Grant Application FAQs

Can you explain the Funding Cycles & Limitations?

CHF will issue one call for research proposals in 2017. The Deadline for applications is June 2, 2017.  CHF will acknowledge receipt of proposals within 30 days of the receipt by letter or by email.  A final decision and the announcement of grants will be made during the last week of December 2017

CHF funding will be limited to two years (consecutive or otherwise). No single project may receive more than $100,000 in CHF funds during any calendar year.

How can I apply for follow up funding?

CHF requires a 1 to 2 page progress report and a detailed accounting of all monies used at the end of each funding year, which summarizes the research accomplished based on the stated specific aims. Abstracts or publications resulting from CHF funding should be included with the progress report.

( NOTE: Investigators currently receiving CHF funding are required to wait 1 year ( 12 months )
before submitting additional research proposals for funding consideration )


How much research has CHF funded since its inception in 1996?

CHF has funded over $9.5 million toward 86 research proposals since 1996.

What areas of research does CHF fund?

The Children’s Heart Foundation supports new research and accelerates the pace of critical research waiting for funding in the following areas:

  1. Molecular genetics / biochemistry
  2. Devices/procedural research (catheterization & surgical)
  3. Long-term care of CHD children as they become adults

What are considered nonallowable costs when submitting a research proposal?

  1. alteration or renovation of lab or office space
  2. audiovisual materials
  3. audit costs
  4. communications
  5. conference grant costs
  6. consultant services
  7. entertainment costs
  8. fringe benefits
  9. fundraising
  10.  indirect costs
  11.  insurance
  12.  new construction
  13.  principal investigator or consultant salary
  14.  publications
  15.  travel expenses
  16.  taxes
  17.  tuition or trainee salary or costs