Irie's parents, Bree & John, have 2 older children as well, 9 year old Damian & 8 year old Brooklyn.

Bree & John were told during their 5th month of pregnancy that their baby had a congenital heart defect (CHD) called Tetralogy of Fallot & that she'd need open heart surgery, immediately after birth, to correct the defect.

Irieona Eve Love Tobin was born on 10/26/14, luckily, she was stronger than had been expected, so they were able to hold off on surgery for a few months.

At only 8 weeks old, baby Irie became very ill. After several weeks & many tests came the diagnosis of Allagille Syndrome. A disease that can affect the liver, heart & other parts of the body. Bree & John were told their princess was in liver failure and would need a transplant in order to survive.

On 2/24/15, just 2 days before she turned 4 months old, Irie underwent open heart surgery to correct the defect. The procedure was scheduled to last approx 4-6 hours. Due to many complications, baby Irie ended up being in surgery for more than 13 hours!

She spent the next 3 weeks on life support, fighting to survive! Unfortunately, her poor little heart & body were just too weak and she earned her angel wings on 3/18/15.

While she was only on this Earth for a very short time, this precious angel touched THOUSANDS across this country! We are in the process of creating a foundation in her name, #TeamIrie, to help raise funds for Children's Heart Foundation and the amazing mission they have to help those with heart defects.  We will also help support the Ronald McDonald House and raise funds for families to help cover funeral costs in the event their loved ones earn their own angel wings.