Transition & Lifelong Care

Although our name contains the word 'Children', we support research and advocate for all Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) patients regardless of age. We are extremely proud to serve patients and families from before birth through childhood, adolescence, teenage years, adulthood and the elderly population. As the 'first' generation of open-heart surgery survivors age, we are keenly aware of many new significant dynamics in the CHD population.

  • CHD population has more adults than children
  • CHD is a chronic disorder requiring lifelong ongoing congenital heart care
  • Long-term outcomes unknown
  • Risk of additional problems is high

Transition & Lifelong Care Goals

  • Every CHD survivor should be equipped to independently negotiate lifelong cardiac care           
  • Every CHD survivor needing life-long congenital heart care should be transitioned to appropriate Adult Congenital Heart Disease care

Transition & Lifelong Care Strategies

  • Educate on cardiac health surveillance benefits
  • Encourage awareness of care guidelines
  • Encourage education for transition from Pediatric to Adult Congenital Heart Cardiologists
  • Educate patient/families on how to choose adult congenital heart care